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Healthcare and Safety

Acting quickly in an emergency can save lives. How nice would it be if you don't panic and know what to do? Our Healthcare and Safety courses teach you how to act correctly in every situation. Discover our EFR courses and the online ISPS course.

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Are you going to work in the port? Then an ISPS certification is mandatory. With us you follow this training online, so in your own time! The date of the certificate does not expire, so repeat courses are not necessary. The certificate is approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

This is what you have achieved when you have completed the training:


  • You are aware of the importance of ship security and know the duties of the employees involved in ship security;

  • You know the requirements and measures that ensure the safety of the ship;

  • You recognize a security risk and know how to report it.


These learning outcomes are formulated by de Merchant Navy Training Board

Contact us to take the ISPS course or for other questions.


Remove a splinter, clean a wound or perform CPR. You will learn it all during our EFR course.


After the course you will receive a The Academy Certificate and a pass indicating that you are First Aid certified (recognized certificate from ILCOR & PADI).

We also offer a first aid refresher course to refresh your knowledge and a comprehensive first aid course with Care For Children (CFC) option.

Below you will find all courses:


  • February 16 (full)

  • March 16

  • April 14

  • May 18

  • June 15

  • July 13

  • Cost: $215

  • incl. CFC $240

First Aid - Refresh

  • February 16 (2 spots left)

  • March 16 

  • April 14

  • May 18

  • June 15

  • July 13

  • Cost: $90


The courses are available in English, Dutch and Papiamentu.

*Minimum number of participants is three

EHBO Bonaire. Delta Academy. Beveiliging.

BHV & BHV Refresh

The Emergency Response Officer course trains you to become a company emergency response officer. This way you help to increase safety in your company.


You will learn this during the course

  • how to get colleagues and visitors to safety in an emergency situation. So you know how to get people out of a burning building and where to take people in case of an emergency.

  • how to provide first aid in the event of an accident. You will learn basic first aid skills. Do you want an extensive first aid course? That is also possible! The BHV and First Aid courses can easily be combined. Read more about first aid below.

  • are you already an emergency response officer? Then follow the refresher course every two years. 

Please contact Fleur to schedule a date and time.


Is your organization interested in Healthcare and Safety courses for your staff? We would love to get in touch with you to look at the possibilities together.


Please feel free to contact our training coordinator Fleur.

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