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Security systems

An alarm system helps you protect your business premises or home against burglary, fire, and leakage. Our control room and the control panel of the alarm system guard, control and monitors the operation of all Ajax detectors and send alarm signals to the control panel. With our Ajax alarm systems, we offer you a total package with optimum security.

The 5 advantages of our systems:

  1. User friendly: Our systems are easy to control with an Ajax brand mobile app.

  2. Powerful: Connection between the units of the system is vital. Only then can the wireless alarm system function properly.  The system provides up to 16 hours of reliable operation during a power outage.

  3. Sustainable: The system has an energy-efficient radio protocol.

  4. Trustworthy: The alarm system is resistant to cybercrime.

  5. Compatibility: Many comprehensive systems and third-party cameras can be connected to the security system.

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