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Beveiliging Bonaire. Delta Academy. Beveiliging.

For 10 years already

Safety, friendliness, and trust. That's what Delta Caribe offers. For ten years already. In business premises, healthcare institutions, and schools. But also during events, in shopping areas, and on the street. With a team of more than 100 employees, we bring order, tranquility and overview to Bonaire.

Beveiliging Bonaire. Delta Academy. Beveiliging.

Protecting what matters most

What we do

We prevent unsafe situations through visible and invisible security. People and technology go hand in hand. Because human eyes are not always available in every room, we also work with advanced camera systems.


Our people

For our employees, we are more than just an employer. We offer our people various training courses and build a good relationship. This personal contact ensures continuity and a safe working environment. And you will reap the benefits.


Our history

In 2013, our founders Nancy Waerts and Arthur Klootwijk started their company on Bonaire. They had many years of experience in the security industry in the Netherlands and wanted to start their own company. Together they started their security company Delta Caribe on Bonaire.

And now, ten years later, there is an established company on Bonaire with over a hundred employees and the trust of countless individuals, companies and government institutions.

Large organizations such as the Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland and WEB are now clients. In 2018 we started our Delta Academy. 

Our promises

  • reliable, expert and experienced partner in the field of security.

  • Fast response time and 'a deal is a deal'.

  • A company that offers opportunities and that for its employees is more than just an employer.

  • Customization for the Caribbean Netherlands, taking into account the individual identity, culture and characteristics of the various islands.

  • A company that listens to her clients in order to achieve an even higher level of our services in collaboration.

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