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  • 5 tips against home burglary

    Isn't it nice that we get to travel again? And this is happening massively. Last year some 170,000 tourists took a plane to Bonaire. Do you travel regularly yourself? Then make sure your home is safe while you are away. Don't give burglars a chance and read our tips to protect your home on Bonaire from unwanted visitors. Because securing your home properly starts with prevention. Tip #1 - Store valuables Keep expensive equipment and other valuables out of sight. Before leaving home, check what can be seen through the window. It is always better to keep valuables in a safe or at someone you know if you are going away for an extended period of time. Tip #2 - Pretend to be at home A cup on the table, a newspaper on the couch, lights in the room ... make sure your home always looks occupied. For example, use a timer to turn on your lights at night. Or use an AJAX socket to control your lights remotely. 'Safety is not a cost, but an investment' Tip #3 - Keep windows and doors shut Close all doors and windows before leaving. To be sure, check again that everything is locked properly before you leave. And make sure you have good hinges and locks. Tip #4 - Withhold yourself on social media Only tell trusted contacts about your vacation dates so that burglars don't know when you are away. Therefore, do not post vacation photos on Instagram, Facebook or other channels while you are still traveling. An additional advantage is that you can really relax during your vacation! Tip #5 - Don't keep keys outside Hiding the key under a flowerpot or the doormat is a welcoming gesture to friends and family. But did you know that this is also where thieves look first? They are the most common hiding places for house keys! Rather, leave your keys with someone you trust. An alarm system also protects against burglars. Want to know more about professional security for your home in Bonaire? Contact Ryan Jansen - Head of Installation and Technical Support Delta 📞 Tel. +599 717 1877 ✉️

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