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Healthcare Security

Security in healthcare requires a different approach than security in, for example, an office or hotel. Our healthcare security officers provide safety, protection and support for medical staff. This customized care security is unique in the Antilles.

Zorgbeveiliging Bonaire. Delta Caribe. Beveiliging.

Security, protection and support 

Unexpected situations sometimes occur in a care institution. Think of uninvited visitors or sudden aggression due to the stress of an accident, for example. A care security guard keeps the peace in these kinds of situations and ensures that the environment remains safe. In the first place so that the healthcare staff can perform their work properly. But also to protect visitors and patients. The care security officer works both preventively and reactively.

To be able to do this properly, the employees are trained in crisis communication, preventive action and de-escalating action: ensuring that the sting is taken out of a conflict or difficult situation. Follow-up is also part of the training: think of managing emergency services such as the police and the ambulance, dealing with social unrest and professional support after an incident.


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