''With our 30 years of experience we can adapt to any situation''
-Arthur Klootwijk, Director 


Arthur Klootwijk and Nancy Waerts are the proud owners of Delta Security & Hospitality. After years of experience in security and hospitality in the Netherlands, they decided to start a company on Bonaire in 2013.

At the time, people on Bonaire did not think very highly of security as a profession. A security guard was usually seen as a man sitting comfortably under the palm tree with a bunch of keys in his hands. It radiated little professionalism and no active attitude.

Arthur and Nancy saw possibilities in this and knew they could improve a lot in the security field on the island. The ideas were converted into concrete plans and a high-quality service was delivered.

Delta Security & Hospitality received its first customer in 2013; Buddy Dive. Hilltop and Belmar soon followed. As of today we are still working together with complete satisfaction. It soon became apparent that larger parties on Bonaire were also interested in a collaboration with Delta Security. The Fundashon Mariadal hospital became the next major customer.

From the outset, security and hospitality go hand in hand. As we mentioned before, Delta Security made it clear from the start that a security guard is more than the man with a bunch of keys in his hands. The security guard is also the business card of the company.

A number of features of Delta Security & Hospitality:

▪️100% customer friendly

▪️Fast response time

▪️A deal is a deal

In 2019 Delta Security was allowed to sign a contract with the Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland. The contract with the WEB was proudly signed in 2020.

A second location in Curaçao was opened in 2019, as of today we have a great list of clients including Mambo Beach Boulevard, HomePlus, The Ritz, E-Commerce and BijBlauw. We are expending more and more everyday to make sure Curaçao is is not missing out on our services.



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